oN tHe 8tH daY oF ChRiStMas…

On the 8th day of Christmas

 The VUE chicks shared with me,

Eight was the chosen date,

{going on} Seven years of bliss,

Six songs of starry-eyed wonder,

Five bouncing beauties,

 Four sprightly laughs,

 Three sweet steps,

 Two weeks of love,

 And a mini merry Maddox.


Leave some love {aka comments} below to make this happy couple even happier:

10 comments and the couple gets a 5×7 print on us…30 and we’ll upgrade to an 11×14 print and help decorate the walls of their new little nest!

  • Lyndsy woods - That chapel is amazing!!!! Beautiful pics as always!

  • Gretchen - Beautiful! And it makes me miss Gainesville even more than I already do!

  • Ashley - Wow gorgeous!!

  • Amber - What a beautiful couple, what beautiful photos!! They are a great reminder of such a fun day!

  • Jennifer - LOVE these! What a gorgeous bride!!

  • jordan ellington - awesome pics. beautiful bride!!!!!

  • Jamie - What gorgeous pics! You were all lit up that day, Amy. Beautiful.

  • Mary - Amy I am so happy for you both! The pictures are amazing!

  • Kris Holt - Great photos, and good luck Chad. Lol

  • Katherine - You all are gorgeous!!!

  • Nancy - Stunning photos of a beautiful wedding for such a sweet couple.

  • Scott K - Amy you look great. Pics are great. Chad looked ok too.

  • Laura - OMG! I absolutely LOVE these pictures. I love your spunk!!! Love you, girl!

  • Erin - Lovely pics! Congratulations!!

  • Amy Huber - Love Love Love the Bride and Groom….and the pictures are amazing too!!!
    Hey Vue Girls I want to order some of these! I was actually in the wedding party…will you email me?

  • Kelly Olson - Beautiful!!

  • Amy M - Beautiful bride, Handsome groom and the perfect setting!

  • Shari! - I know where this chapel is! I go to school there! :} This is beautiful!

  • Brian C - We had a great time. Love the pics!

  • Kelsey Moran Turner - You look absolutely beautiful! I lov the theme. And look like Carrie Underwood in some of these pictures much? Beautiful pictures!!!!

  • Hillary Casari - Amazing Pictures. Love them all. The happiness and love for each other is so obvious throughout every picture!

  • Emily - so pretty- can anyone tell me where her veil is from??? I have been searching for MONTHS for the perfect veil, and it’s the exact one she has on. Please help! :)

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