put that in your pocket


Hello all. I’m sitting pretty behind my desk and my wheels are turning- I’m in full new year mode as I dream about all of the events headed my way.  With one down and a slew more to come  WHO KNOWS the adventures that await!! Kaki and Will kicked things off a week or so ago—-and with the sunshine in full force I was thrilled.  Their were sisters playing in her veil, tears rolling down cheeks, crazy dancers breaking it down to Az IZz, the Driving Club over flowing with blooms, and my favorite— A DRESS WITH POCKETS!!! If I’ve shot you – you know all to well my Will Ferrel reference from Talladega Nights.  When he asked “I’m not really sure what to do with my hands?” someone should have said- “stick them in your pockets!!!”.   Yes- it’s the cure for all awkward floating phalanges!

Anyhow:) Enjoy the first of many wonderful couples to come to the blog this year!!






goodies: ceremony venue/Westminster Presbyterian Church     reception venue and catering/Piedmont Driving Club   planner/ Toast Events   floral/ Edge Floral Design   cake/Natasha Cooper   make-up/Becca Whittinghill     hair/Claudia Verduzco    band/ Az IZz  dress/ Amsale   stationaire/ Village Printing

press: The Knot…Akilah + Tristan



And away they go!!! The Knot’s spring issue hits the stands on the 25th and two special people close the mag! Akilah + Tristan grace the last page as they skip away in a post ceremony celebration.  Wanna see check out their wedding- visit the post here: http://www.vuephotographyonline.com/?p=17527  and be sure to snag a copy of the Knot soon!





vue photography_0198
vue photography_0199

good light and silly love



As promised I’m back to work! Loading up with blog post to send your way….If you could only see me.  The past 3 months I’ve done about 95% of my work with Dash front and center…propped up with a pillow, strapped to my chest, asleep on my lap…you get the picture.  If this blog post could be a scratch and sniff, it would have a aroma of spit up….lucky for you it doesn’t:) Never the less- I’m thrilled to share Allie + Jason’s e-sesh.  I hope you develop a perma grim looking at these– because I had one the whole time I was shooting.  Anyone who has EVER been around me knows how excited I get about “good light”.  Jumping and squealing always ensue…and their session day was no different! I was slightly ridiculous:)

cheers to good light and silly love




2016 and counting

The thought of a new year is alluring.  Bright and shiny new adventures– you just never know what is in store! 2015 tattooed my heart with some pretty spectacular memories— a new house, a new baby, growing girls who constantly make my jaws drop with their silly antics, and work! Boy oh- boy—the weddings were amazing! I’m supremely thankful to each and every person who jumped on the joy train with me!
In the weeks to come I promise to overload you with weddings and sessions from the end of last year! Rightfully so- I was quiet on the blogging/social media scene for that past few months enjoying my quote unquote—-maternity leave:)
Never the less I’ll catch you up on all things VUE!!!
Happy NEW YEAR!!!!! Let 2016 roll on!!!!
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