The word “love” is a funny thing and I willing admit that I over use it. On a daily basis you can catch me jumping up and down professing my LOVE of everything from the song on the radio to the spinach smoothie giving me a bitter case of brain-freeze.

One thing is for sure, despite me constant claims, I do know what real, pure, whole hearted LOVE is. Who do I adore more than:

The answer…{drum roll please}

My mini’s and “the boy”…three lovelies that fill my caffeinated heart with more joy than words can express.

It’s taken 28+ years {ha} but I finally have true Valentines. In combination with peanut butter and running the word “LOVE” might be abused….however there is no possible way it can be said enough when referring to these 3 people. For a lack of a better phrase, “they complete me” {thanks jerry maguire}. I can honestly say that until The Boy tapped me on the shoulder last year…the girls and I had an “vacancy” sign posted in out heart hotel. Yes, you heard that right ladies and gents. We met at The Dark Horse Tavern and he tap, tap, tapped me on the shoulder. While enjoying a beverage I whipped around and to my surprise was all 6.2ft of him. I’ll spill the details on another day…but I quickly learned that his heart was even more beautiful than his smile. Not only did he win me over but he won the mini’s over too. Peter {yap, I said his name}…is pretty damn special! There is no longer “room at the inn”…vacancy filled.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

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