It’s Friday…and quite honestly my favorite day of the week. Not for the same reason as most though!  After school the elementary kids run down the street and raid the Candler Park Market. TONS of them– if your over the age of 11 you just don’t belong.  The line stretches down the aisle and and record sales are made in icecream, fizzy drinks, and junk food. It’s magic.  My kids have done this for years and even Dash (the two year old) wakes up on Friday mornings and says “it’s candy Friday!!!!!”.  I sadly work my whole schedule around being there.  While the kids toss back skittles I get pound a kombucha and gab with my girl friends. Even the dog is happy as she scours for crumbs!

I’m a few hours away from our market party and in honor of kid like fun…I wanted to post Ali and Shaun’s e-sesh.  We hit the fair last weekend and I was in heaven…now only if we could do it again tomorrow!!?