So basically….these are WAY over due! However, better late than never!!  We were SO stoked to see Carlie and Justin’s E-session land on The Knotty Bride‘s blog as well as seeing Lindsey and Hunt’s wedding on Inspired by This‘ blog!!!

Upon submitting Carlie’s session to Allison {notice the first name basis??} over at The Knotty Bride via Two Bright Lights, I realized 2 things about myself.  Both of these realizations occurred as I typed  her a note in the little text box provided. My 1st moment of introspection occurred prior to sending through my submission…I realized I’m not a woman of few words.  Jared, my husband, on more than one occasion has told me that he finds himself exhausted just listening to me talk.  Obviously, the fact I like to talk is by no means anything I didn’t already know, I just didn’t know that this crossed over into the realm of typed words…unable to stay within the confines of 2000 characters to be exact.  So in this little text box, I wrote my note to Allison…only to find out I had exceeded my 2000 character limit by 100%.  Seriously…these character limits that are thrown around these days are hindering my verbal creativity…140 characters…really?  I have issues with such restrictions!

My 2nd revelation soon followed.  I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but sometimes I forget that in reality I probably don’t know the vast majority of people that peek at this blog…however, I have this tendency to think that we’re all a bunch of chummy pals…even if the relationship is a little one sided!  My note to Allison pretty much fell into this category.  After clicking submit, all I could think was, “oh dear…I really hope my attemps at being friendly and funny aren’t taken as creepy and awkward!!” If any of you read her blog, you know why I feel as though I know her….probably for the same reason you may feel as though you know Genya and I!!  Anyways…I just figured why worry…c’est la vie!

The next day, we received an email that Carlie’s session was not only picked-up but was also published all in the same day!!  My moments of glee and C’est la vie, came to a screeching halt as I opened up Carlie’s post only to realize that my little note to Allison was right there in the blog post….word for word!  Not only did I have to worry that Allison might find me awkward, but now all her readers can too!  Of course in true Wesleyann fashion, I jumped to conclusions and really had nothing to worry about.  In all actuality Allison actually liked what I wrote so much, that that’s why she posted it!  Not only that, but she also started doing Bachelor Pad recaps per request!  Well, as you can guess…we’re not just friends now….we’re best friends.

Ok, well…not really. Not at all actually. But then, that brings us right back to my 2nd issue….


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