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This is the home to all the latest and greatest caffeinated ramblings and visual adventures of VUE. With years of events...these archives go on forever.

Everyday July 13, 2018 / home life Life moves fast and it's easy to look past the wonder of the "everyday".  Sometimes, just sometimes those are the moments you want to freeze. In 20 years I want to remember Dash's wild unruly hair,the... READ MORE mom – you’re not jack sparrow July 19, 2017 / home life You know when a friend mentions their holiday, and you ask " how was it?", then they proceed to show you a million pictures and relay every detail? Well- that's pretty much how this post is going to g... READ MORE 2016 and counting January 4, 2016 / home life The thought of a new year is alluring.  Bright and shiny new adventures-- you just never know what is in store! 2015 tattooed my heart with some pretty spectacular memories--- a new house, a new bab... READ MORE bumping around September 23, 2015 / home life   Two of the most challenging things that I have ever done done are running marathons and having kids!  Even though both take months of preparation, involve tears of joy, and leave your body r... READ MORE Home again…. August 3, 2015 / home life   Morning all! It's late summer and my holiday is officially over! As I dive back into work at the office I wanted to say thanks to all that were patient while I enjoyed a bit of down time!! M... READ MORE summer lovin’ May 27, 2015 / home life       If I had one wish it could quite possibly be for endless summer days and more time with my family....but to my knowledge there has been a massive depletion in the genie p... READ MORE Life. A Beautiful Mess. July 3, 2014 / home life     Life flies by...and if yours is anything like mine it's quickly captured by an iphone or the occasional, what my family calls, "the big camera".  I have folders on my computer over... READ MORE thou shalt run November 12, 2013 / home life     26.2...I have the bumper sticker.  Last year I popped it on the car and my mom mom asked me what it meant...she assumed it was a Bible verse or something... I giggled when she aske... READ MORE