You never know that the new year is going to have in store for you! For Whitney and Chris is was a wedding! They said “I DO” on New Years Eve in the Keys! Let me tell you…when I say this was a PARTY – I mean it!!! As each part of the day unfolded my excitement level grew, each moment more unbelievable then the one preceding.  Elizabeth (my extremely talented sidekick) and I anticipated the build up till midnight…our adrenaline sky rocketed at as the clock struck 12:00!! I’d love to say that there was no redbull involved- but let’s be honest…there was plenty of caffeine flowing through our veins.

I’m a firm believer that strong images will speak for themselves and tell the story of the day! So here goes nothing!!! Get ready for a 2 part Whitney & Chris EXTRAVAGANZA!


(This was Chris’s first boat as a kid.  In the Key’s guys get boats like boys in the suburbs get bikes! It’s a way of life! He restored it just in time for the wedding!)
Goodies:   Venue: La Playa  Planner:Victoria w/ A Wedding to Remember  Cake: Cake Designs by Edda  Catering: Aarons Catering  Design: Avant Gardens  , and Music: Scratch Weddings !

Now hurry and look at Part TWO!!!!

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