I said yesterday that I was closing up shop for Christmas…well- I thought I would squeeze in one more post! My alarm went off at 5:00am this morning like always- instead of sleeping in like any normal person on self inflicted vacation…I GOT up and started working:) Yes- I think that’s the result of owning your own business…never the less…I LOVE my job!

So after I finish typing this I will truly bid you farewell for the holiday! My auto responder will be switched on and I pray that brain will shut down as fast as my Mac!

Heather and Brett’s wedding was another beauty planned by Lindsay, from Toast Events!  This late night soirée was pulled together in 3 short months- and yes- it looked effortlessly STUNNING! As the winter moon rose outside, they said their “I Do’s” by candle light…and on went the party!




The goodies: Toast EventsPaper DaisiesJackson Durham, US BeatSterling CineamaticsSummerour, Bold American Catering, Rodica Lazaran.

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