It’s spring break here which means the mini’s are out of school…yes…even preschools are on break! This means that the house is full of constant chatter, noise, and liveliness.  I’ve been in stitches listening to them play- this morning I asked Mia {6} to get Harper {2} dressed.  All of a sudden I heard a huge sign, followed by “Mommmm, she looks pregnant in everything I put on her. This is impossible!!!!!” .  This paired with Harper’s new phrase of “have mercy” and I’m giggling up a storm!

In the midst of crazy I’ve just finished up Ziem and Milan’s wedding.  Ziem {an Austin based photographer herself} is from Florida and traveled back for her Vietnamese nuptials.  The couple was already married in an Indian ceremony but decided to to make it official in both faiths.The day was sprinkled with as much color as laughter!

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