Meet Genya

      Hello there…My name is Genya O’Neall, and I’m the girl behind the camera. My love for photography began during my teenage years when I purchased my first Hasselblad, and my dad built me my very own darkroom in our garage. From there, it was off to college, followed by years spent assisting photographers from Atlanta to London. Shaped by my life experiences, passion for art, and determination…VUE was born. It’s been 10 years now, and VUE has grown beyond my wildest dreams. Even with hundreds of events behind me, weddings never seem to lose their sparkle and uniqueness. Each one unfolds with spontaneity and endless possibilities. Fully caffeinated and armed with an infectious smile, I approach every event with enthusiasm percolating through my veins.

      On a personal note:

      -I have one speed…“fast”, but- I’m learning the art of slowing down!……I think there is no sound more beautiful than laughter….I’m not afraid of an uphill battle, and I believe that I can do anything I put my mind too {almost to a fault}…A good sundress makes me feel like a million bucks….I’m slightly mischievous. So don’t put it past me to part take in a little harmless fun!..The tiny natives of my house and sweet husband are the royalty of my heart…I’m marathon participant and conquerer……..I’m a horrible speller and creator of my own punctuation…I hate naps more than all 4 of my kids……I think coffee is the sweet nectar of the gods and makes the world go round………I tap my thumbs on the steering wheel and chew my gum to the beat of the songs on the radio….The only color I love more than yellow is orange {makes me happy}…Even at the age of 28+, my parents are my heros……..

       Want more? Still curious about who you're hiring?

      A while back I did an interview for Junebug Weddings for their "Photographer's Spotlight" series.  If you'd like deeper peek into the world of VUE you can see the interview by reading ahead.

      In the words of Sara Sawers, and editor for Junebug: "I’m so thrilled to share our Spotlight Interview with Vue Photography, Atlanta, Georgia based wedding photographer. Genya O'Neall is full of energy, exclamation marks and smiles. Her excitement is infectious and as she puts her “shiny, sparkly spirit” out there, her clients become their beautiful happy selves as well! The weddings she shoots are classic and glamorous but Genya takes them to another level as she captures the unique beauty of her clients in the loveliest way."

      Why photography and what draws you to it?
      When I was younger I was always on the arty side. I was a kiddo with a active imagination - and art had no rules! By the time I made it to high school I had learned to tame the 4 year old version of me that had colored on the living room walls and direct my energy elsewhere. My dad built me a darkroom off of the garage and that sparked it all! I love INSTANT results- and if you ask anyone who knows me--- I’m decisive, and quite speedy at times. Photography was a great fit for that reason. Not that great images don’t take time to create---(because they do) it’s just that I loved being able to see something and immediately seize the moment.

      How did you get into wedding photography?
      I went to college to study photography and had no intention of doing weddings.While I was in school I was sure that I was going to go the commercial route. I thought of weddings as stiff and boring---WOW was I wrong!!! I was living inEngland- and assisting on larger shoots--- and took my first wedding job. I had no clue that I was about to fall in love. True the day exhausted me and the pace was unpredictable...BUT...after running around for 8 hours watching the day unfold and having the freedom to capture each and every moment as I saw it- I realized that it wasn’t restricting or boring. It was AMAZING!!! You were given the chance to make REAL artwork for clients that would hold it dear forever! To me that was and is priceless!!!

      What do you enjoy doing when you aren't shooting?
      I’m a mom and a wife- perusing my masters in multi tasking.-I’m a RUNNER. I run ALOT. For a while it was MARATHONS or bust! I love to walk and roll around town- it’s my favorite mode of transportation...feet are wondrous inventions and way underrated by some! One the best dates Pete andI ever went on included strolling 10 miles , 2 summer festivals, 1 restaurant, a sundress, and a tasty libation. Perfection!

      Where/what is home?
      Home is Atlanta! We have a 19o0’s bungalow like house- that sits in Candler Park.The house is rarely’s natives are lively. Two adults, four  kiddos, and two dogs make for a full abode!

      What was your photography education? School? Self-taught? Workshops?
      I went the school route!

      What do you find to be the biggest challenge/most difficult part of being a wedding photographer?
      The weekends away from family!!! 100%!!!!!!!!!

      If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
      I would be “TIME-EXTENDER-GIRL”- granted the power of adding time! Need more time in a day? An extra day in a week? Another 10 days of vacation?Poof---I’d be your gal. Time flies by so FAST- and while I like things speedy it’s not always one of them.

      Do you have a favorite camera or lens?
      I really love the canon 70-200 2.8...a close second would be the 50 1.2

      What are your favorite destinations locations?
      I think after years of shooting at the beach some of my favorite locations now tend to be the mountains- or dessert areas-- or even heck cities! Maybe---I don’t have a favorite! HA! I just love new places! In fact- you could say I thrive in environments where I’m a visual virgin.

      Describe your wedding photography style in less than 6 adjectives.
      Happy, genuine, light hearted, emotion soaked, spontaneous

      What makes you give yourself a mental high five?
      Gaining the total trust of my clients!One thing you'd like every bride and groom to know before their wedding?Hire someone you LOVE. Someone that you can tell 200% is there to capture your story and not just click the button. Passion and enthusiasm should shine through!!!

      Favorite trick to capture images of reluctant subjects?
      There’s really no trick...I think it just helps to be transparent as a person. Let your shiny, sparkly spirit out- and show them your heart! It’s a trade...your clients won’t let you see the real “them” unless you revel the real “you”!

      Best advice you've ever received about being an artist?
      Never stop learning and keep your EYES WIDE OPEN!

      Best advice you've ever received about being a happy human?
      In the words of my nana (you can interpret these any way you wish):

      1. If the trees in the way, move the ball

      2. Don’t be so damn stupid

      3. Don’t go behind the bushes with boys

      4. It just ain’t happening

      5. You can't go back.