I LOVE downtown Atlanta…well…I love downtown any city! Dana and Brian came in from Boston for their engagement session and little did I know how exiting our day was going to be!!! I gave my pregnant sister strict instructions not to go into labor on the 30th because I had a session….but like any little sister…she didn’t listen! At 4 in the morning Pete’s sleepy self answered the phone to hear the news! Will was on his way…

      What did I do? Panic!!! Soon after I was calmed by the fact that it would be lunchtime before the little man made his entrance. So…I juiced my self up with coffee and took to the streets of Atlanta with my new pals!!! Dana and Brian were nice enough to start a bit earlier…which was awesome since my early wake up time put me “dangerously close to scandalous caffeine levels”..or so I said!  We had a blast !!!!! Their wedding is in March- which will be here before we know it…can’t wait!!!!

      By 11:30 I was hospital bound…I made it in time to soak up the afternoon, find out I was going to be Will’s godmother, and shoot the little guys’s birth!!! It was an amazingly, spectacular, emotional day!!!! And boy was I glad I wan’t the one having a baby! Just kidding…hmmm….errrr….kinda!