Life moves fast and it’s easy to look past the wonder of the “everyday”.  Sometimes, just sometimes those are the moments you want to freeze. In 20 years I want to remember Dash’s wild unruly hair,the kids attacking P-Love in the front yard when he walks home from work, the dogs getting loose and bolting down the street, Dash’s sleepy eyes as he clinches his baby after a nap, the endless “stands” the kids create in the yard to make money….and the laughter and noise ringing through our house on summer evenings. Not to mention the messes- oh the messes. Right now were in the midst of a renovation on our Candler Park home.  It’s been a few years coming and we’ve dreamed about the day we can make the house we love— the HOME we LOVE FOREVER. Not only that – but as the house grows so do I!!! Now at 20 weeks little Wilder is showing me her strength turing my belly into her personal playground! These are the days. Sweaty summers I hold dear.

      My sweet pal Christy from Paperlily Photography was kind enough to spend sometime with our gang on a regular old evening the week before we moved out of our house. Nothing fancy… just freezing the fun, kiddo fights, cuddles,  messes, and LOVE.  I’m beyond thankful!!