Happy Wednesday! I’m in the middle of a huge edit and don’t have any imagery to post today! But hold on tight because when I do, you’ll be in for some winter eye candy.

      I’m ever so nosy when it comes to wedding details and one of my favorite things to find out is how a couple met.  It’s amazing how a two souls can find each other in the is great big world.  I’I figured that it’s only fair to share my story…well…our story! I’ve leaked details here and there, in past post but never unraveled the whole account.  There are a few variations of the P-love and G-love introductions, so put on your reading glasses, and settle in:



      Genya’s version:

      Thursday night in June (the 23rd to be exact) and we were both out in Virginia Highlands with friends. Pete was enjoying a drink with friends at the Darkhorse Tavern when he noticed me strolling around with some of my girlfriends. Completely unaware of what was about to happen I settled into a spot by the front door, while my pals chatted. All of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder…I whipped around and to my surprise found all 6’2 ft, or Pete standing in front of me! My first thought was…did he really just tap me on the shoulder, but then my second thought was OH MY GOSH HE’S CUTE!!
      He tried to ask me a question and I couldn’t hear him, so I grabbed his belt loops, and jerked him closer. Yes, as much as the shoulder tapping through me off, me pulling on his belt loops was pretty shocking to him! I mean really- it was totally out of character for me!!!
      With in minutes we had exchanged numbers and text. Before I knew it he pecked on my the lips and walked out the front door! Wow, right? For all of you that know Pete, this also is out of character for him too.
      I couldn’t believe it! I quickly turned to my friends with a stunned look on my face and asked, “did you just see what happened?”.

      They replied “no” and I exclaimed…”that guy just kissed me then walked out the door!”.

      Stunned I went on about my night, remaining totally intrigued! The next day we texted and he asked me to go out on Sunday. We said we were going to meet at Apre’ Deim. By this time I had nicknamed him Mr. Darkhourse and was curious to find out who he really was! When I walked in I was on the phone with my girlfriend and got a text at the same time saying “I’m on the couch in the back”…I remember clearly rounding the corner to the back of the restaurant telling Jilian “I’m looking for a guy on the couuu-“. Before I could finish the word I saw him stand up and was so aghast I hung up. He was even more handsome than I remembered and it turns out even more wonderful that I could have dreamed up!

      Needless to say…we’ve been together ever since and The Darkhorse has been revisited many times!


      PETE’s take:

      It didn’t take long, my neighbors and I were about to leave when a cut-off jean shorts and t-shirt wearing woman confidently walked in and I did the stare across the bar awkwardly thing. Thank goodness she didn’t see that! I looked back at my neighbors and said, “we have to get another round.” They all looked at me and could tell I wasn’t leaving. Fine, so what then they asked? “Tequila?” “Tequila…” The time it took the waitress to pour the shots was enough to check out that so clearly a runner(ah, I had a place to start!), and so clearly very cute woman who just walked in the back door. Her friends nestled up near the door. I watched closely. One guy came, and talked to her friend. They made a lap around the bar, but were back near the door. Another guy approached; he talked to her other friend. A few minutes went by as we waited for the check. I wondered-they certainly look like they are out on the town, but is she the married friend helping the single ladies? Is there some guy parking a car about to walk in? Who cares!?! This was too good to be true… we stood up and I told one of my roommate-I’ll talk to you tomorrow, I may need to stick around.

      A tap on the shoulder, a grab of my belt loops and ten minutes of bar talk later, I had a phone number and was ready for bed. So I gave her a kiss, it just felt right, and it has continued to feel right since. I have very fond memories of several places in Atlanta we’ve been to, and this one stays on the top of my list.



      I have two adorable little girls (the mini’s), and while Pete and I got to know one another we kept our relationship a secret. One day he joined a group of my friends in Piedmont Park and the kids met him a “friend of a friend”. We made sure not to let on that we knew each other….
      After wondering around the farmers market…we ate ate King of Pops (our fav local popsicles) and played in the grass. Right about this time Mia zoned in on what a catch Pete was. They became fast pals after a game of tag! As pete scooped her up- She looked right at him and asked “Do you have a wife?”. Bewildered he retorted “Nope”…and Mia blurted out, “you should so marry my mom!!!!”.

      In her eyes she “picked him out” and has made this known! Weeks after the park she sat me down and asked ” Mom, are you ever going to take my advice and go on a date with that Pete guy? If you did you wouldn’t have to go on husband.com !” (I have no CLUE where she got that from)

      She did good! And yeah, we went on a few dates…