Life flies by…and if yours is anything like mine it’s quickly captured by an iphone or the occasional, what my family calls, “the big camera”.  I have folders on my computer overflowing with images.  The good, the bad and the ugly…the grainy, the blurry, and dark…the heartwarming, hilarious, and sweet.  Altogether the they create a collage of our families life…a beautiful mess!!! Once a year I go through the folder and print a load.  This year I was behind (go figure) and had to do 2 years worth…resulting in 4,100 prints.  Yes- folks…it’s ridiculous.  By all means, these are not all works of art visually…but they’re single moments that I don’t ever want to forget.



      disclaimer: some images contain no make-up, dirt, and sweat / exposures and editing are at a minimal  / expressions will vary / flying piggy back rides are frequent on race days /   life is beautiful but the picture quality might not be / these images are not a representation of vue’s work- but more of the personality behind the work:))))))  / there are a lot of pictures.