You know when a friend mentions their holiday, and you ask ” how was it?”, then they proceed to show you a million pictures and relay every detail? Well- that’s pretty much how this post is going to go.  On a whim- P-Love and I decided it was a phenomenal idea to take the kids to Havana for vacation.  Face it people- traveling with three monkeys isn’t easy but we tossed our reservations to the side and headed south!!! For 6 days we wondered the streets of Havana.  No plan…letting the days unfold as the sweat ran down our faces. I’ve never felt heat like this, nor come across people so welcoming. We played marbles in the streets, hung out in squares, drank vast amounts of an orange drink, raided fruit stands and ice-cream shops, rode in old cars….and enjoyed each other.

      During our first night in our airbnb, we had a power outage. The streets were dark but people were still bustling…  as the kids climbed all over me and  P-Love asked if I needed anything.  I replied ” I need more rum.”  Mimi – said with humor ” Mom, your not Jack Sparrow!!”.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment… not because of what she said but because of what was happening.  Our family was alone, surrounded by a new city, together, no devices, tired, but smothered by a wondrous place and it’s happenings. About an hour later the power resumed, air con turned on, we slept…but I’ll hold tight to that night forever.

      And now the pictures…oh the pictures.  This is the short of the long— remember that.

      (I feel over whelming gratitude for the opportunity to travel to this country!)


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