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      This is the home to all the latest and greatest caffeinated ramblings and visual adventures of VUE. With years of events...these archives go on forever.

      When the Lights Go Out As a photographer...when the sun starts to set and you see you light fade away it's easy to panic. However...if you just roll with it magic can happen!! Katie and John's e-sesh a sun filled blessing u... READ MORE silly string of events Megan and Andy were game for just about anything and I was thrilled to play in the streets of downtown with them!!  I READ MORE towel poppin’ good time  This summer girl is holding on tight to the last days of this delicious season.  Ali and Bobby (along with wonder dog Tucker)....were game for a little lake time! The couple actually met wat... READ MORE give me grace Give me Grace...and James too!!! Both so sweet and wonderful!! Their wedding is right around the corner so I wanted to be sure to post a few from their Alys Beach engagement session! Love the duo and ... READ MORE morning light, love, and a puppy  Kathryn and Bradley have dated since high school... that's some major history right? We'll I have a bit more for you--- I was Kathryn's babysitter:) I have fond memories of taking her for ic... READ MORE double sun Ok- I'm going to fully admit that there was a point during Kelsey and Mark's session that I thought there was a "double sun".  Impossible yes--- but in that instant it felt so true!!!  My coffee high ... READ MORE night in our hood A playful evening spent basking in crisp light, bright colors, and city patterns.  Just another night in our hood for Cameron, Stephen, and I!    READ MORE I like your dog…and you. When Courtney and Jeff met it was through mutual friends but had everything to do with Courtney's obsession with his dog.  It was only fitting to have now both of their pooches in the session.  We cha... READ MORE