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      This is the home to all the latest and greatest caffeinated ramblings and visual adventures of VUE. With years of events...these archives go on forever.

      real cake vs. rain, love wins   Over a glass of wine, in a neighborhood hub, I got to know Erica.  Being girls we instantly exploded with chatter from the moment our meeting began....big surprise huh?  From weddi... READ MORE mentions: Junebug weddings  Hello all and happy day!!!!  Lets take a walk down memory lane and wonder back to the beginning of the year! Remember Kristen and George's Seaside affair?  Well it has now been featured on J... READ MORE right here, with mr. right  Jessica and Teddy's wedding was a labor of love! Karen, Jessica's mom, recalled a story during her toast that was so sweet! She said that when Jessica was little they came down to 30-A often... READ MORE seeing red         Seeing red! Yes...Courtney and David's wedding was one in a million! The crisp white architecture of Alys Beach was the perfect back drop for this seaside soiree.  Prepare for eye candy!... READ MORE what a smash   Celebrating "ONE" is a big deal! More so celebrating "ONE" twice is an even bigger deal!! Over the years I've gotten the chance to watch Courtney and Bryan go from engaged to newly... READ MORE black n’ white  It took us 3 tries for sunshine, but you know that they say...the third times a charm! The day that Tazha, Kevin, and I finally got together was spectacular!!! Beams of light illuminated Kro... READ MORE gasp again   Last April I fell in love with Gasparilla Island...and this year...I totally fell in love with it more!!!! Lauren and Brendan's dreamy wedding the reason for my coastal journey and... READ MORE onward to oakhurst   Lauren and Aaron's wedding fell on the PERFECT spring day at Oakhurst Farm! All the money in the world couldn't have bought the April sunshine that spilled over the country hills! ... READ MORE