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      This is the home to all the latest and greatest caffeinated ramblings and visual adventures of VUE. With years of events...these archives go on forever.

      When the Lights Go Out As a photographer...when the sun starts to set and you see you light fade away it's easy to panic. However...if you just roll with it magic can happen!! Katie and John's e-sesh a sun filled blessing u... READ MORE Peachy Keen Sunny September days have come and gone!!  Marie Elise and David's wedding was a southern dream- filled with bold and bright colors, peaches, and even a swing (for the cake that is). I always love run... READ MORE ticket to ride Last time I hung out with Ali and Shaun it was at the fair for their engagement session.  There might not have been rides this time or an abundance of cotton candy but it was even more fun. Their wedd... READ MORE Inside Weddings: Lizzie and Jon, Real Wedding Feature Magazine time! Inside Weddings has delighted us with the real wedding feature of Lizzie and Jon's wedding! So super stoked to see it and the images give me all the feels once again...lively, carefree,... READ MORE Blooming Caroline and John's wedding rounded out my August shooting spree! Giant blooms as well as a full moon over the city made it oh so memorable!  ... READ MORE one big bite Sarah and Willy...have many things in common. A love of food, friends, wine, and EACH OTHER are just a few!! All of which were ever so present at their wedding.  These two got married at the Trolly Ba... READ MORE Everyday Life moves fast and it's easy to look past the wonder of the "everyday".  Sometimes, just sometimes those are the moments you want to freeze. In 20 years I want to remember Dash's wild unruly hair,the... READ MORE catch up This year has whizzed by! I'm playing catchup this week and recapping a ton of events from the past few months and it's about time that I get Callie and Ryan's wedding up.  From their surprise first l... READ MORE