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      This is the home to all the latest and greatest caffeinated ramblings and visual adventures of VUE. With years of events...these archives go on forever.

      Blooming Caroline and John's wedding rounded out my August shooting spree! Giant blooms as well as a full moon over the city made it oh so memorable!  ... READ MORE one big bite Sarah and Willy...have many things in common. A love of food, friends, wine, and EACH OTHER are just a few!! All of which were ever so present at their wedding.  These two got married at the Trolly Ba... READ MORE Everyday Life moves fast and it's easy to look past the wonder of the "everyday".  Sometimes, just sometimes those are the moments you want to freeze. In 20 years I want to remember Dash's wild unruly hair,the... READ MORE catch up This year has whizzed by! I'm playing catchup this week and recapping a ton of events from the past few months and it's about time that I get Callie and Ryan's wedding up.  From their surprise first l... READ MORE sunnies It's amazing what happens when you add a little sunshine...and  Santa Barbara had some award winning rays! I traveled to the coast to hang with Gabi and RJ as they tied the knot! What a color filled, ... READ MORE all star special Katherine and Scott had love at first swipe! After meeting on Bumble the duo were a match made in heaven! With a love of many things including Waffle House there wedding was one for the books.  Funny ... READ MORE flying high When your kid you know that feeling of pure happiness when your on the swings? Flying super high, wind in your face, in a constant stream of effortless bliss?! That's what Maria and Kyle's wedding fel... READ MORE south to the beach There is no better place in the winter than south. Way south. I welcomed the Miami heat and my pale legs basked in the sunshine when we flew down for Lindsey and Barret's wedding. These two Atlantan's... READ MORE