Where is my heart? My clients and colleagues
      mean the world to me and any great company thrives
      off of strong relationships… So what's the word? Read for yourself!


      I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone else do what she does with light.
      It’s like every hour is golden hour with this one. I’m convinced there’s actually a tiny unicorn living in her camera- because this woman creates moments from another world. Also, a unicorn is definitely her spirit animal.

      Courtney, bride.


      I’ve loved working with Genya for many years. I know that her clients always have tastefully fun style. Genya’s ability to capture the quirky, gorgeous, and classic moments of the day truly amazes me. She defies the old rules of sticking to one photography style – she simply delivers a killer set of wedding images to her lucky clients.

      Rebecca, Weddings Photo Director of The Knot


      No matter the event, the venue, the dress, when hiring a photographer, at the end of it all, if the photos don't capture the day, it can be disheartening. We looked at a lot of photographers for our wedding, had to answer ridiculous surveys and suffer through mediocre slide shows.
      But from the moment we spoke to Genya via a 3 way conf call, we knew she was different. She was bubbly and friendly and asked thoughtful questions. When we met her for our engagement shoot, it was if we'd known her forever! As we ran around Atlanta on the most freezing cold winter day, we chatted, laughed, talked about our families..and by the way our pictures look like they are out of a magazine! They were fun and spirited, and most important not stiff or posed. We were so excited to work with her on our wedding day, it was the least stressful element of our planning.
      Genya had such enthusiasm and passion for all our details, it was if she was family, not our wedding photographer. She was creative and exciting while putting everyone at ease. Our photos are so treasured to us, as she captured every moment we loved and even more of the ones we missed.
      Our wedding would not have been what it was without her! Per her recommendation, when we received the full collection of photos (1300+), we snuggled up with a bottle of wine and relived the whole day all over again. Never have we met someone so vested in their clients that even after the day is over they still deliver over the top results

      Dana, bride.


      Genya at Vue is truly unmatched as a wedding photographer. She is a consummate professional who has a gift of putting the clients at ease and allowing them to enjoy their photos by feeding off her incredible energy. There is not a vendor I work with who clearly loves what she does more than Genya, it is infectious and results in incredible photographs. From a planner's perspective she is quick and flexible and sticks to the timeline! My only regret is there are not two of her so I could have her with me every wedding!

      Lindsay, bride and Planner/Owner of Toast Events


      Genya is so full of energy and positive vibes, and she was such a wonderful influence to have around on our wedding day when so many other things can serve as a cause of stress. She is probably is the most genuinely happy person we've ever met, not to mention amazingly talented!! We couldn't be happier with having her photograph our wedding day!

      Sara Kate, bride.


      Hiring a photographer for your wedding is possibly the most important decision that a bride and groom makes during the wedding planning process. After studying Genya's work on her website before our meeting, we were intrigued by the artist behind the magic. Anyone who has the throwback "shot to the heart" as their anthem has to be amazing right? We were blown away instantly by Genya's contagious personality and creative mind. She was very willing to listen to what we wanted, which was ideal since the wedding we were planning included her shooting for three different events during the wedding week. We did an engagement session that included our fluffy golden retriever that Genya was more than willing to add to our shoot, which was so much fun! Our engagement shoot that took place outside in a park and in downtown Decatur- which was something she picked out and totally nailed the look we wanted---rustic and relaxed. The amazing thing about Genya is her eye for a moment and for the perfect light. This super power of Genya's really came out during the over 2300 photos she took during our wedding events. The hard part about being a bride is trying to remember every moment of your wedding. Throughout Genya's photos, I was able to really relieve each moment of each event she shot. Every single picture of our friends and family was so perfectly timed that the photos really expressed how happy everyone was to be apart of our celebration. If I had a dollar for how many the times I have been asked since uploading our wedding photos how "amazing and beautiful" our photos are and the question, "who was your photographer?"---I would have a second home in Martha's Vineyard. Genya is truly an artist that will capture every memory you want and more. She is wonderful and truly made our experience delightful--hire her.

      Kristie, bride.


      We booked VUE Photography by email correspondence and her When reviewing her past work, I was blown away by how she captured even the smallest of moments and I knew I wanted her for my big day. I didn't want pictures, I wanted a creative eye that could produce us art as well. Genya delivered 100% and our photos turned out better than I could have ever dreamed. She was beyond amazing to work with from start to finish. We we begin the whole wedding process, my husband and I wanted to spend our money on food and our photographer. You get to do this (hopefully) just once and it all flies by so quickly... and when you look back you want the pictures to help you remember even the small moments of your big day. I work in the hospitality industry and have had the pleasure of sharing my photos with event planners, clients, etc and they are just blown away by the art that Genya created. It was a pleasure working with Genya on my big day. It was a rainy overcast day and she made it so much fun... I dragged her all around town and she was game for whatever I wanted and suggested other options that I didn't think about. As I said before, your wedding is an investment and this is definitely one area I would NEVER change and re-book with her 1000 times over.

      Elizabeth, bride.


      It only seems fitting that I would connect with Genya because of one of her many beautiful, just incredible images. My boyfriend and I were vacationing on 30a, and as I strolled through one of the boutiques, I was absolutely arrested by this amazing, spectacular wedding photo. The unique way she used the light to cast an ethereal glow just slowed my feet to a stop...I couldn't stop looking at the image and even though I didn't know the couple pictured, I absolutely loved the way it made me feel. When we got home, the first thing I did was google Genya O'Neall, and I landed at Vue Photography's blog. What transpired over the next few months was nothing short of a love affair... I unashamedly stalked the endless parade of gorgeous wedding photos, and with Genya's lighthearted but meaningful commentary, I almost felt that we were friends already. When Brad proposed, the first call i made (other than to share the news with my besties) was to Genya. I knew that she just HAD to be my wedding photographer, and that I couldn't settle for anything less. I would have changed my wedding date to accommodate anything she had available. When we met up with Genya for the first time for our engagement session in Atlanta, we felt immediately connected to her...even though the both of us were unused to being in front of a camera lens, and were understandably nervous, within minutes she had us laughing and cutting up like we were just by ourselves. On the drive home that evening, and before we'd even seen any of the photos, Brad was raving about how much fun we'd had. I knew we would treasure that day no matter what we had on film. Lucky for us, the pictures were beyond perfect, and captured our relationship in a way that surprised us both...we had no hesitation going into our wedding day, we just couldn't wait to see our friend Genya again!! Fast forward a few months to our May wedding, and we were so excited for the day! I knew that I had nothing to worry about, and our day did nothing to disappoint! Genya and her team faded seamlessly into the background...I actually had one guest ask me if we had professional photography at our wedding!!!! When she sent me the proof file for our wedding day, there is no way to count the happy tears that I shed when I looked through them! She captured the poignant moment when my Daddy saw me in my
      wedding dress for the first time, and so many ofthe joyful firsts that happen on the most beautiful of wedding days. She coaxed Brad and I out of our shells to produce the most incredible still scenes from the happiest day of our lives. I still have trouble putting into words how grateful we are for the way she has brought those moments to life for us in such a permanent way.

      Sarah Jane, bride.


      I don't think people realize just how important hiring your wedding day photographer is. When all the champagne is gone and the dancing has ended on the big day, all you have left are the memories in your head, and the photos to look through and share. People also don't realize that you spend your entire wedding day with your photographer, and they make a HUGE impact on the mood of your day and the way your event is captured. We realized this to some degree, which is why we hired Genya. And to say she exceeded our wildest dreams would be an understatement. Genya was the perfect person to
      have around us all day - she was happy, bubbly, excited, her passion for weddings was shining through. She makes you feel like the most beautiful bride and the most handsome groom. You are comfortable with her - and she is able to capture those true and genuine moments because you feel that comfort. She keeps everyone calm and happy - there was not a moment of the day, even when we were running behind, that she let that get in our way and kept us all focused on enjoying the day! She captured every important moment, and even ones we didn't realize would be so special to us. Her photos show the energy of our wedding, and we feel they truly captured the love and happiness we were surrounded by that day. She will do whatever it takes to get that perfect shot no matter what it takes. Her photos are as vivid as her spirit, and are the most incredible memories for us to have. There are a lot of decisions you have to make when planning a wedding, but the easiest one you can make is hiring Genya, because you are guaranteed to have incredible photos and enjoy every moment with your photographer.

      Jen, brid