Over a glass of wine, in a neighborhood hub, I got to know Erica.  Being girls we instantly exploded with chatter from the moment our meeting began….big surprise huh?  From wedding day details to past life experiences- we covered it all.  Every time she mentioned Brendan, her groom to be, her face lit up like a Lite Brite (you remember those?)  and I knew the wedding day was going to be packed with epic sweetness.  One thing she mentioned has stuck with me…she compared real love to cake!!  A comparison I could relate too! Erica said it was, her whole life people had been giving her cake (aka love)….it was ok, it was fine, she thought that was what it was suppose to be like, just ok.  BUT then she met Brendan….and WOW….it was like for the first time someone gave her cake made with real SUGAR!! It was AMAZING and she realized what real cake tasted like!! She couldn’t live without it!!!  I totally knew what she was talking about!

      There was no doubt that I was excited for the wedding day….and when it rolled around the rain did too!  This has happened on more than one occasion this year and I have only one thing to say….LOVE WINS!  When two people genuinely care and are standing before one another- weather might cause a hiccup but doesn’t cloud the purpose of the day.  It adds a twist, a memorable story, and maybe even a bad hair day….but LOVE WINS. As Erica and Brendan stood before one another, grins, happy tears, and honest love, all took shelter under a tiny umbrella.

      REAL CAKE still taste good in the RAIN:)