26.2…I have the bumper sticker.  Last year I popped it on the car and my mom mom asked me what it meant…she assumed it was a Bible verse or something… I giggled when she asked.  I said…it’s not a verse from the Bible but a commandment from Pete, “thou shalt RUN”.   It’s been quite a while since I’ve leaked a bit of my day to day and I figured now was a better time than any! Running has always been woven into my life. While I’m not quite sure “how” I squeeze it in- I know it essential.  The marathon thing started last year and since the addiction has grown.  Pete and I traveled to Indianapolis  for the Monumental Marathon a few weekends ago and just like the year prior in Savannah— it was amazing!

      The day of the race there are always nerves.  What your asking your body to do seems crazy…and even more so that your craving the chance to cross the finish line. Race day routines are a must for  me and always the same.   Wake up insanely early, put on the clothes I’ve laid out (like a kindergartner on my first day of school), 2 cups of coffee, almond butter & banana toast, chapstick, mascara (yes- dumb-I know), pose for an airplane pic with pete, tie my shoes, retie my shoes, push my way through the porta pottie line…find my coral…squeal…and click— it starts.  Before you you know it your weaving through runners with more purpose than a midnight shopper on Black Friday!  Your just warming up though…the real race doesn’t begin till 16, by 19 your feeling it, and every mile after 20 your making negotiations with your self….each step you dream of the finish line,  reveling in celebration, and enjoying the pain…because your done! 3 hours and 37 minutes later!!!! Crazy enough- even before the soreness subsides…you forget the squall you just had with the pavement during 20-26 and your scheming to do it again.  For my fellow race goers- you know what I’m talking about!

      I absolutely CAN’T wait until next time!!!! One thing that made this one so special was that we had company! Pete’s parents and siblings came to cheer us on! Seeing a familiar face elevates your energy 10 fold!!! We are sooooo very thankful for them!!!  Also- we had met a super cool couple from Montana, while in Belize for our  honeymoon.  The race came up over dinner one night and they decided to do it!! Adventurous they were!!!  It was such a treat!!  Through iphone shots, snaps from my brother in law- and the marathon foto gang we can relive the day…each and every sweat crusted, wondrous step!

      Enough rambling and it’s now back to work! oxoxo g


      (mile 16— yes— it’s just beginning! I was still perky)


      (mr. p-love is number 418…swiftly moving along…cute as ever)


      (the “real” setting in on the left…on the right a smile as I promise my self a bottle of wine)


      (one of my favorite shots of Pete recouping with his dad after hitting a PR)

        (Our new ridiculously fast Montana running pals!!)